08: Gardening Leave 2019

  • In the face of adversity, act with integrity and be a true leader – Ian Minards
  • Take time to mourn, reflect and know what is authentically you
  • Have a mentor you trust, who really knows you and is a friend (Emily Cadwallader)
  • Treasure time with family and friends, pray and laugh hard with them
Sugar Loaf Mountain, Abergavenny October 2019

07: Hullavington 2018/19

We need to have the discipline to design it well

James Dyson
  • Spend as much time as possible with engineers to understand the technology – Clare Dunbar
  • Take time to really know your target audience and make them your anchor – Chris Aubrey and Liz Carey
Dream team in Shanghai, April 2019

06: Cologne 2017/18

It’s not about being right, it’s about how you make people feel

Rob Webster

Know how far to flog a dead horse

Emily Cadwallader

Be a leader people want to follow

Rob Webster
  • Always take the time to write thorough, detailed, well considered feedback for each of your direct reports (after an employee who worked for Decathlon for 9 years said her manager had never articulated her strengths and development areas so clearly)
  • Fish where the fish are
Heroes at Top Hair, Dusseldorf, April 2018

05: Chicago 2016/17

Never feel pressured to sign a contract you’re not happy with

Rob Webster

Make building the team your first priority

Rob Webster
  • Make sure you can use data to make strategic decisions in a blend of Art and Science, and be able to explore it at the most granular level – Yuka Yu
  • Manage your third parties properly – Cindy Knowles
Chicago send off, May 2017

04: Malmesbury 2015/16

  • Don’t give people reason to think you’re a grad
  • Self-reflection is extremely important, know yourself
  • Find mentors you trust and make the most of these relationships
ICE grads at Bath Rugby, September 2015

03: Samsung 2013/14

  • Seek opportunities to improve things and always put your ideas forward – Chris Thomas (Expert Ireland eCommerce)
  • The team dynamic is the most important thing, build relationships and make work an enjoyable place for people – Sian Webb
  • Know the opportunities data presents within an organisation – Emma Alexander and Matt Wilkinson
  • Presenting is much like acting
Samsung Christmas Party 2013

02: Lancaster University 2011/15

Feel the fear and do it anyway

  • Fight the right fight
  • Know your own worth (on dating)
Women’s Basketball, Roses 2015

01: Saatchi & Saatchi Design 2008

  • Art opens doors (emailed the MD Ashley Goodall photos of two Obey canvases I’d recreated and asked if I could have some work experience because I loved art and business. Miraculously, he obliged when I was aged 15)
  • Always use your initiative (organising the stationary cupboard when there was nothing for me to do on day 1/researching how charities can utilise Twitter, which was shared directly with the client Mercy Ships)
  • Work should be full of great people (Ashley Goodall, Trudi Esberger, Linus Boman)
Saatchi & Saatchi Design, London, 2008